How to begin with WhatsApp

In this doc, we have shared the basic steps that you need to follow in order to integrate WhatsApp Services. To begin with it, you can follow these simple steps:

1. Get your WhatsApp onboarding process done by contacting the sales team of MSG91, you can reach out to them at [email protected]. Once you get onboarded, you will be able to access the WhatsApp dashboard.

2. Click on the WhatsApp option from your MSG91 Dashboard.

3. Check if your WhatsApp number is 'verified' by clicking on the Number option available in the sidebar. The status will be 'Active' for the same.

4. In Order to create the templates, you have to visit your Facebook business page & apply for template approval. 

For help, refer to

For template-related FAQs, check:

Click on the Template option available in the sidebar. Once your templates are approved on FB, you will be able to sync the same on the MSG91 dashboard, by clicking on the button 'Sync Template From FB'. After syncing the templates, you can use them to send Whatsapp message in the following ways.

1. Campaign (Multi-channel where you can add other services like SMS, Email, and Voice also)- HelpDoc [Recommended]

2. Whatsapp API (If you have a specific use-case where you want to use the dedicated Whatsapp API only and not use any other channels)- The Base URL of the API will look like this:


JSON/Payload for a corresponding approved template is already available in the template section of the MSG91 dashboard. Refer to the below screenshot for reference:

You can copy the JSON & use it as a payload in your API with the base URL. All you need to do is insert the parameter's value like the Receiver's number, variables, and auth key.

3. Google Spreadsheet Plugin- HelpDoc