What is Knowledge Base?

Knowledge Base is a platform that enables companies to create a user-friendly website for hosting informative articles. Its primary purpose is to efficiently provide information to users, with the most common use case being the creation of an FAQ page.


Configuring Your Knowledge Base: 

A Step-by-Step Guide 

To set up your Knowledge Base, follow the comprehensive documentation. HelpDoc

Key Features of Knowledge Base:

  • Add Articles:

    • Users can seamlessly add articles to store and share valuable information with their audience. HelpDoc

  • Add Folders:

    • Enhance organization by creating folders to categorize and structure your articles effectively.

  • Themes:

    • Customize the appearance of your FAQ page by choosing from a variety of themes to match your brand.

  • Redirections:

    • Easily manage changes by adding redirections for old article links, ensuring a smooth user experience. HelpDoc


  • Access previously published versions of articles for reference.

  • Autosave and Draft:

    • Enjoy the convenience of automatic saving, eliminating the need to go live every time. Publish only when your article is complete.

  • Read Count:

    • Keep track of your articles' impact by viewing the read count, allowing your company to gauge the popularity of specific topics.

  • User Feedback:

    • Foster engagement by enabling users to provide feedback through likes, dislikes, and personalized messages, helping you understand their needs better.

  • White Labeling:

    • Establish a consistent brand identity by white-labeling the Knowledge Base URL, seamlessly integrating it with your company's domain.

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         Custom Header Footer:

  • You have the option to make your document or webpage uniquely yours by adding a custom header and footer. This allows you to include personalized information at the top (header) and bottom (footer) of your content, making it more tailored and distinctive to your preferences

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