What is MSG91 Startup program and how to apply for it?

We at MSG91 have a startup program for businesses that meet the below-mentioned criteria:

  • A startup needs to be associated with any incubation center or accelerator program.
  • Must be a new account at MSG91
  • Must have HTTPS certificate.
  • Should not have more than one account from the same domain name.
  • Use a Corporate email ID to signup
  • DLT Registration is mandatory.

MSG91 API should be integrated (Offer balance can be availed only after MSG91 API integration)
If you meet the above-mentioned criteria you can apply for the startup program from the below-mentioned link:
  • Up to $100 worth of balance every month for 6 months.
  • Can be used for OTP, Transactional SMS, and Emails.
  • Leverage our Cloud contact center HELLO and Customer Segmentation product.
  • Get support from our Superheroes to integrate scalable APIs.