Error: Country Code Blocked

1. You might be using an old authentication key for sending messages and its security settings(IP security) are turned off. [it is only applicable to countries except India (International)]

2. The specific country code prefix could be blocked in your settings.

3. You might have limit the specific pricing for the country.

1. Authkey: If you're using the old authentication key, you need to create a new authentication key (Auth Key) as a security measure. This practice enhances the security of your account in case the previous Auth Key gets compromised. - HelpDoc


If you are unable to change the auth key for some specific reason (not recommended) so start using the IP security then the current auth key will work for you. - HelpDoc

2. Country Blocked: Go to the Dashboard>> Company Name>> Settings>> Limit Communication and from here you can see the blocked countries and you can unblock it.

3. Pricing Limitation: If you have enabled blocking by price in your settings then any communication above that price limit will be blocked. To disable the blocking by price, simply remove the limit or just increase the limit, allowing all communications, regardless of price.

Note:  If you are still facing the issue you can contact us via chat or you can email us at [email protected]