Integrating MSG91 with The Weeky

Integrating MSG91 with The Weeky (Plugin for WordPress, WooCommerce, and other Frameworks)


Global Coverage: The Weeky integrates seamlessly with MSG91, supporting all countries where MSG91 services are available.

Custom Framework Support: The Weeky is compatible with various frameworks, including WordPress, WooCommerce, PHP, HTML, and more.

Tailored Solutions: For frameworks other than WooCommerce and WordPress, The Weeky team provides customized solutions to meet your business needs.

Use Cases:

The integration of MSG91 with The Weeky is ideal for websites built on WooCommerce, WordPress, and other popular frameworks.

Integration Steps:

Visit The Weeky: Navigate to The Weeky website.

Access MSG91 Plugins: Scroll down the page and find "MSG91 Plugins" at the bottom right corner. Click on it.

Select the Desired Plugin: Choose a plugin based on your business requirements or use case. We offer five plugins with MSG91 integration, each designed to cater to specific communication needs. Below are the available plugins and their brief descriptions:

MSG91 WooCommerce Plugin

MSG91 Mobile Verification at Checkout Plugin

MSG91 Contact Form 7 Integration Plugin

MSG91 Mobile Verification Plugin for Contact Form 7

MSG91 Campaign WooCommerce Plugin

Important Note:

Integration Benefits:

Integrating these plugins with MSG91 allows you to keep your customers informed by sending SMS and multichannel notifications.

Variables Mapping:

The following functions are supported by the default woocommerce installation and the same are supported by the Plugin.

// Get Order ID and Key




// Get Order Totals





























// Other Secondary Items Stuff








// Get Order Lines





// Get Order Shipping





// Get Order Dates






// Get Order User, Billing & Shipping Addresses




































// Get Order Payment Details





// Get Order URLs









// Get Order Status



// Get Thank You Page URL


If you want to get Order id then you need to use "get_id()" in the input field without quotes. You can get other values in the same manner by using the appropriate function. Similarly, if you want to get order total then use get_total() in the input field.

Creating an MSG91 Account:

To get started, create an account on MSG91 by signing up here.

For SMS - DLT is mandatory in India For other Countries- Please refer this Doc

For WhatsApp - FB Business Page has to be Verified & a Number integration with MSG91 is mandatory. 

For more information, please connect with [email protected].

Special Offer:

For First-time purchases of plugin (s), you will receive a free credit of 1250 Rupees in your wallet, subject to our policy.

For any further assistance or queries related to plugin please contact: [email protected].

For MSG91 assistance, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] keeping [email protected] in Cc.