Map approved DLT Template Id with respective Flow Id on MSG91 panel

Accounts are template restricted i.e. you can only send messages which are approved at MSG91.

To get the approval of the Template from the DLT platform, add the DLT Template Id in your Flow on the MSG91 panel. You can read the document to create a Flow ID to Send SMS via API:

1. Log in to the MSG91 user panel

2. Click on “One API”.

3. Click on the “One API” option in the Flow dashboard.

4. Select the edit option on the right side of the flows.

5. Enter your approved template Id in “DLT Template Id”. In the SMS content make sure to enter the approved content in the template. 

Note- On DLT, the variables are passed as {#var#}. But on MSG91, the variables are passed as ##variable_name##. Please watch this video for more help.


6. Scroll down and select the “Update Flow” option.