How to create a Flow ID to Send SMS via API?

Check the article below or just check this quick video 

1. Log in to the MSG91 user panel and select One API.

3. Click on the One API option from the sidebar. 

4. Click on the Add Flow Option

5. Type your Flow Name, DLT Template ID, Select the sender ID that has been mapped already with your MSG91 panel, and the Exact message content as approved in the DLT portal (You can also add variables from the box at the right top of the screen) and click the "Add Flow" button.


1. Variables should be added here in the format as ##name## or ##var##. Video

2. Also, the Receiver variable is ##mobiles## by default and it is used to pass the recipients' mobile numbers.

6. And you will get your created Flow and your Flow ID to be used in the API.

Once the flow is approved, you can use it to send SMS in the following ways.

1. Campaign (Multi-channel where you can add other services like Email, Whatsapp, and Voice also)- HelpDoc [Recommended]

2. SMS API (If you have a specific use-case where you want to use the dedicated SMS API only and not use any other channels)- API Doc

3. Google Spreadsheet Plugin- HelpDoc