DLT Consent Process

As per DLT platforms, there is a new feature that will help you to send Service Explicit and Promotional SMS to DND-enabled numbers

Kindly note that Service Implicit SMS will continue to be delivered on DND numbers as usual. 
Currently, there are some restrictions on sending Service Explicit and Promotional Templates to DND numbers (explained in the table below).

However, with this new feature, if your customers have given you their Consent to send SMS, you can upload their mobile number in the DLT Consent Section, then every SMS can be delivered to them.

Kindly note that if you do not upload Consent Data, your SMS will keep delivering the way they are delivering today.

The process for the DLT Consent Feature is as follows:

Step 1: Apply for Consent Template: https://msg91.com/help/dlt-consent-template-registration

Step 2: Once your consent template is approved, the next step is to upload your consent data. Kindly note the below points before uploading.

a. Select your consent template Id

b. Add consent data as per the sample file shared on the DLT platform (ex: ping connect, Airtel, JIO, etc)

c. Format your data as per their instructions and upload it on the DLT platform, kindly adhere to the file format and size.

d. You cannot upload more than 5 lakh entries in a single file.

e. The date of Consent shouldn’t be older than 6 months from the date of consent upload.

Step 3: Once consent data is uploaded, you need to make the payment to the DLT platform itself.

Slab (Consent Numbers per file)Amount per PE ID (INR)
Up to 10,0005000 + GST
10,001 to 1,00,00010,000 + GST
1,00,001 – 3,00,00015,000 + GST
3,00,001 – 5,00,00020,000 + GST

The Consent Upload process for the different DLT platforms:

VILPower: Consent Upload | Vilpower.pdf

JIO: Consent Upload | JIO.pdf

TATA: Consent | TATA.pdf

FAQs: https://help.msg91.com/article/418-faq-dlt-consent-process