Step-by-step process to configure OTP

Follow the below steps to send OTP seamlessly-

i) Sender ID Approval (Some countries have specific rules and regulations for Sender ID) -

To send OTP globally - Follow sender ID rules for different countries

#Note - For Indian companies to send OTP in India - Follow the DLT guide

ii) Template (To keep your communication secure, spam free, and easy to edit anytime)

Create a template for sending OTP in OTP Section- ​Follow it's quick process

iii) OTP Widget - You can integrate the dedicated widget for OTP Login and all the Send, Resend, and Verify OTP APIs can be called by MSG91 at one place. Here is the Helpdoc.  [Recommended]


If there is any specific use case that cannot be served by the OTP widget, you can directly integrate the SendOTP APIs at your backend, here is the API Doc.