DLT Debugging Checklist

*Identify your API version here -> HelpDoc

*According to your API version (base URL), pick one -

For Sendhttp (http://api.msg91.com/api/sendotp.php)- HelpDoc

For V2 SMS API (https://api.msg91.com/api/v2/sendsms)- HelpDoc

For SendOTP (http://api.msg91.com/api/sendotp.php)- HelpDoc

*Recommended to use-

One API/Flow/V5 (https://api.msg91.com/api/v5/flow/) HelpDoc OneAPI


Send OTP (https://api.msg91.com/api/v5/otp) HelpDoc SendOTP

Just add the DLT Template ID into the MSG91 Dashboard (Where you have created the flow/template).

*Make sure-

The correct way to define a variable on DLT - {#var#}

But, on MSG91 Flow/Template - ##VariableName## or ##OTP##

*For XML (https://control.msg91.com/api/postsms.php)






<DLT_TE_ID>dlt te id</DLT_TE_ID>

<COUNTRY>country code</COUNTRY>

 <SMS TEXT="message content" >




*Make Sure-

DLT_TE_ID, Header, and Content combination must be correct as per your DLT portal.

If your content has a ‘+’ sign or Enter Key or any other special characters - Double encode the content. To encode - https://www.urlencoder.org/

*Common DLT Scrubbing Error-

Error 211 - No DLT Template ID or Invalid Template ID.

Error 203 - PE ID missing or Header/Sender ID not approved.

Error Description- Template Id not found on DLT

Error Description- SMS not Matched with DLT Template

Error Description- Header/Sender Id not Associated with the DLT Template

*Still issues? Send us the below details-

Screenshot of DLT PE/Entity ID from DLT portal- HelpDoc

Export Approved Templates from DLT and share them with us.

Your API URL- HelpDoc