How to add emojis or send messages in other languages (except English)?

Surely you can. To send messages in languages other than English, you can use the "Unicode" option for this. 

Unicode is not just the language, you can also send emojis. The use of emojis in your messages can take them to the next level. it is an energizing 🏂 and underused augmentation 🏠 of the standard instant message with regards to special SMS.

Check this link here for more info on emojis: (You can copy emojis from this link to add them to your messages)

Now if you are sending this SMS/campaign from the dashboard, you can simply select Unicode by clicking on the "English" button at the corner of the message box.

To send this using our APIs, all you need to do is pass an extra parameter "Unicode" in the API, the value for the same will be 1.
unicode=1 (for unicode SMS).