Lex Chat-Bot

How to create New Lex Chat-Bot

Here is the process to create New lex chat Bot-

Note: These are required values. 

You have Seven list options for your user's initial query. 

  1. Text - Only text will be sent.

  2. Buttons- we provide options to create three buttons so that the user can choose from them. Note: You can add a maximum of 3 buttons.

  3. List- Here you can add a list of products, services, or various other options for users to choose from. The limit of items is 10, you can add at most 10 options.

  4. Product - Here you can add your Catalog id and product id of a single product.

  5. Product list - Here you can add your Catalog id and multiple products of different products.

  1. Media - In media you can add photos, videos and documents to your chatbot.

choose from. The limit of items is 10, you can add at most 10 options.

  1. CTA - This means Call To Action. We provide users with call-to-action buttons, in which when the user clicks on this button, he will be redirected to the URL you will insert in the column of the URL.

Note: The character limit on the button is 20 characters.




You can add as many questions here as you want to ask from the users.

    Here you have to provide the following: 






  1. You can give Name to your user input.
  2. Now give the input type which is Required like name, number and alphanumeric,etc.
  3. Write the Bot queries means the question that bot will ask from the users.
  4. The Max Retry option means How many times bot will ask the option if client fills wrong information.Note: Limit you can set is Min o and max 3.
  5. Click on Save and Next.













If you add on the sample values and synonyms for the fixed type, then by default it will pick the sample values at the first attempt and then it will take on the synonyms. 





Click User input type Built-in: Basically, it is the extended functionality we are providing by using the Built-in Input Type. In this functionality, you can verify the input provided by the user of your slot prompt.

For now, only the Alpha Numeric input type is supported.



Use case: For example: 

If you want the user to provide the Postal Code, the business is supporting mainly 3 formats which are: Numeric for India {123456}, Alpha-numeric for UK {GU16 7HF}, and Numeric-numeric for US {1234-12345}. In that case, the business will create the Regex Expression which will support all three postal codes.



           Once you add this, the input type will start showing in the drop-down of input type,

           from   there you can select this input type.



This will be sent when all the prompt responses are fulfilled by the user who initiated the chat.

You can add all your slots value.


This response is sent to the user when the user declines the intent. For example, for the prompt, 'Do you want to place the order' and the user responds, 'No.'





Here you can add your API that you want to call on action. 

Then add the success response that you want to show to the users in case of API success.

Add the failure response for the API 

Use case :  Then click on save and next



You can create your closing response with different options like text, button, 

product,product list, media, CTA, unassign bot. 

Uassign bot means the bot will unassign himself from the chat and agent will be 

            assigned for the chat.

            After completing the conversation this closing response will work. 

After that save your response and click on save and next. 










You can also refer this video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VyxHmEnfNtCoyWBiu3j9vfA-kMcbkGk6/view